Meet our Co-Founder & Master Grower, Ali

Meet our Co-Founder & Master Grower, Ali

Meet our Co founder and Master Grower, Ali.

Recently “It’s Primo” came by and sat down with our co founder and head grower, Ali. This was a rare and insightful interview that delivers an incredibly raw perspective. Delving deep into the psychology behind a top level grower and what it takes to grow premium indoor cannabis. They left no stone unturned, below are just a couple highlights, you guys have to check out!

“When did you first experience that zen feeling tending to plants?”

Probably from the very beginning. The very first set of clones I purchased and plants I planted. Especially in the indoor grows. I used to call indoor grows the UFO, it’s like stepping into a different world. There might be music but it’s windowless, the lighting is different, you feel like you’ve entered a separate domain. There’s this sense of still and calmness, almost like a sacred space, that started to surround the plants for me.

“Is there a most important element in growing cannabis? Or is that question even valid?”

There isn’t one element, but several important aspects. You need the right space, genetics, climate, nutrient and pesticide program that you as a grower believe in and, on this scale to do it right, you need the right staff. Whatever your support team is you need them.

“What’s your favorite plant you’ve grown, if you have one?”

“For me, I like smoking the Louis OG we have. For the masses, the Quest is our flagship by leaps and bounds. Nothing comes close to touching it. People love it. I don’t smoke too much of it but I love growing it for our customers. The feedback is great and the sales are amazing. It’s great for the consumer and the grower because it’s not finicky. It’s pretty straightforward, a hardy strain. You don’t need high-level master growers tending on the Quest, whereas the OG takes time to learn to cultivate.”

“I’ve noticed I don’t really cough smoking Source Cannabis, why is that?”

Yes, so we flush our cannabis thoroughly. These nutrients produce a lot of salts and sugars which build up around the root of the plant. Some growers don’t take sufficient time to flush it out with water at the end of harvest. You really need to do that in order to maximize the taste of the original genetic. Now there are growers who add sugars, molasses, corn syrup, or whatever to increase the stickiness and size, but it impacts the flavor in a way that I don’t personally like as a cannabis purist. I take up to three weeks to flush the plants. One of the side effects is that the smoke is less harsh. If you smoke one of the Tower Pre-Rolls we have, the smoke is “cool”. It doesn’t burn your throat on the way down. That’s a connoisseur feature, one of the tells that you’re dealing with high-quality cannabis. I still call it harshness but, you know, some of my vocabularies is like twenty years old at this point (laughs). It could be the sugars or the plant had pesticides too close to the harvest date and left a residue. Have more questions for Ali? Let us know by leaving them in the comments below! You can read the full article here at Its